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The Right Tools for the Job

Construction jobs are hard work. They require long hours, coordination, and a lot of time and planning. Those difficult jobs become even harder when you don't have the right tools to complete them. Luckily, with K & R Tool Shed Inc, you never have to go without the right equipment again. We provide construction and heavy equipment rentals to Indianapolis.

However, here at K & R Tool Shed Inc, we do much more than just rent equipment to customers. We've been in business since 1975, and we bring those 43 years of experience in tool rental directly to our customers. Our staff is very capable in informing and assisting patrons on exactly what tool will be the perfect fit for whatever you're working on.

While many of our customers are knowledgeable, and know exactly what they want, we're here for anyone who isn't quite sure how to go about their job the best way. This is where our vast experience gives us the edge over other tool rental companies. There's no way to learn the best way to do a job other than to do it.


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